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To help match papers to reviewers and sessions, please select one or more area(s) most applicable to your paper:
AI & Expert Systems
Algorithms & Applications
Arabic Language Processing
Bioinformatics- Out of scope
Computer Architecture-Out of scope
Computer Ethics- Out of scope
Computer in Education- Out of scope
Computer Networks
Computer Simulation- Out of scope
Database Systems
Digital Telecommunications- Out of scope
Distance Learning- Out of scope
E-Commerce- Out of scope
E-Learning- Out of scope
Human Computer Interaction
Image Processing
Information Security
Information Systems
Internet & the Web- Out of scope
IT & Society- Out of scope
Machine Learning
Multimedia & Visual Programming
Neural Networks
Parallel & Distributed Systems
Pattern Recognition
Reliability & Fault-Tolerance- Out of scope
Remote Sensing- Out of scope
Software Engineering
Virtual Reality Systems- Out of scope
Geographic Information Systems
Natural Language Processing
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